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DragonMeyr History
(an ongoing tale)

The world upon which we live is known as Dragonmeyr. According to the astrologers in Dragonmeyr City, the world is a planet, meaning a spherical object suspended by naught but lack of gravity up in space. It exists as a buffer between the heavens, the stars and moons, and the other dimensional worlds, some good some bad. It is believed that ours is the only planet in the world, however, unlike what our ancestors believed, we feel we are not alone on this planet, but rather there are many more lands like ours scattered throughout the oceans on this globe we call home. Suspended nearby is the sun, a huge star of light where the Gods are believed to reside, and the 2 moons Draco (dragon) and Myra (Meyr) which shed light upon us in the dark of night by grace of Lord Draco and his Lady Myra.

It is said that many millennia ago Azimuth, out of boredom and the need to do something, decided to father a new race of beings. He spent a century or more deciding on the appearance, traits, and abilities of this race he intended to father. When he finally decided what he wanted, he made it known to the other lessor Gods and Goddesses' what his intentions were and that he had bestowed upon this new race the name of Malkine (an ancient word meaning mankind). Each of these new creatures would be different in appearance, and ability, although some would share traits; all would be different in many ways from every other individual. The other ruling Gods and Demi Gods agreed and it was decided what role each would play in the development of this new creature called man. First of all, they required a place to dwell. Another plane of existence perhaps Ator suggested. Azimuth agreed to a point, creating a planet for them to dwell upon. He created the land, and Balin the mountains. Tameras created rich soil, plants and trees to enable them to feed themselves. Lexor created the stars in the heavens, to give light and to embody hope and dreams in those who would gaze upon them in the sky. Lexor is also responsible for placing the air we breathe, the knowledge of fire for warmth, the water we drink and fish from, and along with Tameras and Azimuth the earth below our feet. Krahs, quite against the whole idea at first, finally decided to join in the creation by populating the waters Lexor laid, with many forms of life other than the creature known as man, while Ormanari controls the weather, be it rain or shine, snow or fog, all naturally occurring weather are gifts from her divine hand. Racine created the atmosphere above us, and infused it with great energy and knowledge of all that has been and will be. An effective barrier between the planet surface and the heavens it keeps the beings on the planet from assuming to become too powerful and trying to join the Gods before their time. From this great barrier is where all the magical energy comes from to power the spells mankind eventually learned to develop and nurture. Without it, magic would be uncontrolled at best. Draco became in charge of the changing of the seasons and controlling the temperatures surrounding the planet, as well as the phases of the moons and the light the moons cast upon the land at night. And so, after a century of planning, the creation began. Land and water, trees and plants, animals and finally Man were created.

Not to be outdone, other Gods decided they didn't want Azimuth to have all the fun and had been cultivating their own ideas for populating the little planet. Fey stepped in, and with the aid of Ormanari created a race similar to that of Man, but more physically perfect, and better proportioned, and decided to call them Liosfar (Another name for elvin). Balin by the same token wasn't satisfied with merely making the mountains, he wanted someone to live within them and care for them, and thus the Balite (dwarvin) nation became a reality. While these three races are most dominant over the land, mention should also be made of a fourth 'race' known as the Doweirarre (dark elf). According to elvin lore, these beings were once Liosfar but because of corruption and greed distanced themselves from their cousins and by the grace of Phant, their skin was darkened and their hair became white as snow. Phant, Callus, Mansal, Mendor, and many other Gods over time had a hand in creation of other beings. Some with intentions of bettering the land, some with the intention of harming it, but all in all the world was created, and life began.

Known to few is that all that was, is and will be is recorded and saved for future knowledge by a handful of sages and historians. These men and women were granted a certain status by Azimuth; the state of immortality has been bequeathed upon them so that they may continue their work down through the ages. Should they fail to continue with their task, they will be stripped of Azimuths favor, and must then be content with leading a normal unexciting life, with the normal prospect of death looming ahead in their future. This divine act is the one time Azimuth has ever, in known history, deviated from perfect order and balance. The names of these immortals is unknown to any but the Gods and each other, but know dear reader, they do indeed exist, for I have met one long ago in my youth, and it was from he that I learned much of my history.

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