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The Gnomes

The gnomic race was born from the coupling of human males with captured dwarvin maidens during the race wars. When the children were conceived no one thought much about it until they were born. Similar in stature to their dwarvin ancestors, they possessed the curiosity and thirst for change associated with their human ancestry. This caused no end of problems and inevitable failures to adapt to the surrounding areas. They grew into adulthood, outliving their human captors and not fitting in, they migrated southward to live in communities of their own making. Distancing themselves from the less 'fortunate' races. They will mingle with other races, travel, befriend, and work alongside them. But they rarely live among them. Aided by their heritage, those who went south went armed with the latest technology of the centuries, which wore out only slowly. And the survival of this southern race depended on its maintenance. They lost the height, though not the weight of their forefathers, being compressed by the dual demands of their tiny living space and minimal resources. The end result after a millennia was a race much smaller than humans or dwarves, designed for living a life constantly on the edge of starvation, supported only by the production of their feverish, technological minds. In those quiet, dead times in the north, they had much time to work and think, and the gnomic race became one of manipulators of ideas, and inventions.

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