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Little Girl Lost

The mall was over crowded, shoppers rushed from store to store. Nobody paid attention, as she crouched there on the floor. She didn't look in trouble, and she didn't seem afraid. Apparently she stopped to rest, she did not need my aid.
A little girl of 8 or 9, and cute as she could be. I wondered should I stop and ask if she needs help from me? I wondered if her mother had just left her there alone. I thought as I walked by her, in my haste to get back home.
As I left the mall, I couldn't get her off my mind. Did that little girl need help? Was I just acting blind? It bothered me so much, I had to go back in the mall. I have to get this settled in my mind once-and-for-all.
The mall began to close, I heard some chain doors coming down. But as I looked, the little girl was nowhere to be found. Is it my imagination, that again is running wild? Thinking I had lost my chance, to help this poor lost child.
I guess she must be fine, or she would still be sitting here. I get way too emotional at this time each year. I had to leave and get back home, where it was safe and warm. The weather forecast for that night, a chilling winter storm.
Late that night it happened, as the weather station said. Frigid cold and heavy snow, while I was snug in bed. In the morning, I awoke to winter's nasty caper. The only place I'd go that day, was out to get my paper.
Cozy in my kitchen, with my news and cup of tea. But as I saw the front page, it just devastated me. On the front page down below, a little headline read. "At the local shopping mall, a little girl found dead".
It was 4 A.M. this morning, when police received the call. The caller said "a little girl was dead behind the mall". It was the chilling elements, that brought her close to death. As she lay down she fell asleep, and breathed her final breath.
I could not read the rest of it, as I began to weep. While I slept safe, a little girl had frozen in her sleep. Many years have passed me now, but it still haunts my dreams. Was the little girl they found, the same one I had seen.
I can't forget that little girl, no matter how I try. But now when someone seems in need, I never pass them by. The lesson I have learned from this, was difficult but true. The last chance that someone may have, could very well be you.

author unknown