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Gareth's Vision Quest

Awakening from his slumber Gareth looks around in confusion. Where there should be a room with a pool and a cage and dead bodies and his friends, instead he is in a void of some sort. From somewhere, he can hear voices of those he cares about begging him not to leave, to stay and help them, but Gareth feels to weak too travel the distance to the voices. The voice of his beloved Mentor Pikahl settles into his mind. "It isnt your time yet Gareth. You must return to your charges and guide them in their travels. Much evil is about to be released upon the land. Water, Air, and Earth shall aid you in unexpected ways. Be prepared and guide them to safety and victory over those that would consign them to the abyss forever. This is your quest Gareth Arr of Pikahl. Rejoin your charges and guide them to the light, away from the mists of hell." Your spirit form shimmers and upon your ghostly chest you discover your holy symbol has returned to it's rightful place. Your spirit returns to hover over your still form and you watch your companions bicker among themselves as they try and discover the way home. They talk of little else but escaping this evil temple and restoring you to life. You walk with them, alternately ashamed of their petty fighting, and proud of their logical solving of problems they face. You can do naught but wait for them to succeed for now, but your spirit remains to give them strength during thier current struggle.

"While need remains, so am I thine, great lord, as always... but I am puzzled, lord. I did not expect this to be thy realm, by the descriptions of the holy works from our monastary; is it a waiting area, or a result of this evil to come, or from the trouble plaguing communication with thee and thy godkin? By Pikahl!" The paladin laughs softly to himself at the idea of exclaiming by his diety while speaking with him. "By what manner do we now speak? Is the disruption less pervasive through the veil of death? Is there other information you would have me take back and distribute, should such situation arise?"

"This evil that is rising is new in the realms, but powerful indeed. It hath made the magic work naught for good intentioned peoples, and little for those involved in keeping balance. It hath made prayers get to us, but us to be unable to respond. Know that we are with you my servant. Myself, and Azimuth, and Quiom and even Callus and the others are concerned by this uprising and are unable to aid you much. Again I say this is your quest for redemption in mine eyes. Defend against and stop this plague upon mankind in mine name. Do this, and then you may come home truly to me and take thine place amongst the just and good who reside at my side. Know ye only that this is bitter evil, and must be stopped at ANY cost." You feel a warm glow emanating from your medallion "Yes, you here on this plane of non existance has made it where I could talk with you. The force surrounding the ethos is below us on the planet and therefore not in place here on this plane. You must go My servant and watch over them, and keep them safe for they have need of thee as do I. Go now, and lead them to goodness and glory"

Gareth kneels before his lord, drawing forth a longsword[if his spirit is able to manipulate tangible objects, perhaps the blade he was using when he fell?], and bowing his forehead to the pommel. "My lord, I will gladly do thy quest to throw back this flood of evil, parting the tainted waters to allow thy holy blessing to be shared upon the people of the land; it is evil and must be confronted and defeated. The light of life shines strongly in the hearts of many, and that simple illumination will be warded. I offer my life once more in defence of goodness, of hope, and of faith. I will do everything feasibly possible - and more - to carry out thy will... but not for the goal of redemption in thy eyes, for such intent would make it less sacrifice and more a session of bargaining. You wish it be done to preserve the cause of good, and thy will be mine will. I do thy will for thee, not remuneration of money or prestiege, and will gladly continue to do so as thou calls upon me. I will inform others of the goodly faiths of thy information and kindle the light of faith within their hearts. So do I declare to you, my lord Pikahl." Gareth stands tall for his lord, shining in his devotion to his lord. "One more query have I of you, o lord, if you may answer it - a personal request: of mine companions of faith throughout the years... the company with which I have travelled of late... and my family... how lie those who have fallen?"

"They are where they deserve to be" he replies rather cryptically.

"It is good news to know that they have not been lost in this evil, lord, but I had thought to send word to the families and monastaries of their state... are you allowed to share anything more detailed?"

"Return to your charges Gareth. They have need of you" the voice booms out trailing into a whisper.

Gareth smiles inwardly. "That would be a divine 'no'," the knight answers himself ruefully as he commences his meditative program...

Each party member then hears a ghostly voice whisper into his/her ear...

"Kay, trust in Pikahl; trust in yourself"
"Sheial, have strength and ward the others"
"Keldar, the gods watch over us"
"Vincas, the gods are with us"
"Rachel, we are the shield to the weak"
"Wulfgar, mindless reaction is a naked blade in a frightened crowd"
"Barbaxle, Azimuth hears you and supports you"
"Cole, duty and devotion are eternal, my friend, eternal"
"Rathaniel, trust in Pikahl"
"Arilyn, Pikahl be with you"
"Jahl, a man can be destroyed, but not defeated"
"Aerial, Quiom hears you and loves you"
"Laban, have faith in yourself, the Gods watch over us."

"Considering all the voices and such that have happened in this place," Rath says loudly while walking towards the crank, "do you really think that the gods have now decided to talk to us? If you take an action, make it based on thought and reason and not strange voices in your head."
He stops and looks at the entire mechanism of the crank noting everything about it. "Besides, they spoke to me too and trust me on this one, that is one thing Pikahl would probably never do."

The spirit of Gareth will frown at that, then make his way back to Rath. "Presuming to know the mind of a god is uncertain, and Pikahl cares for all children who try to do good. Besides, a wise man knows the thoughts inside and the reason inside are but two manners of the same delivery. I speak for Pikahl, not as him."

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