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Utopia Gardens

A few members of the group leave after supper & proceed towards the Utopia Gardens. On the way, they see a play being enacted on the town commons next door to the gardens. They stay & watch the play of which the Caoimhin (the man with the bright orange kerchief) is one of the players.

The crowd begins to disperse, and a few of the audience toss coins into a basket near the stage. Caoimhin and the others begin disassembling the stage and placing the parts in a small covered wagon.

Kendra applauds briefly and says "An actor, eh. I wonder what his interests are in joining an adventuring group? Well, let us continue before it is too dark to enjoy the beauty of this place."

Malissin flips a few silver into the donation basket. "Perhaps he is looking for some new material?" he says jokingly.

Tossing a couple of silvers into the basket, Jayar turns to the rest of the party. Thank you for the tour, but I believe that I will continue on my own. Perhaps we can get together again tomorrow?"

Jayar then continues walking to the Gardens. When he gets there he finds a tree to camp beneath, lays down and falls asleep while gazing at the night sky.

The following day is Sunday. We find the characters all doing last minute shopping & resting up before the big day tommorrow. Moonday.

Moonday at the Keep