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Feast of Love

The thunder crashes overhead, and lightning splits the sky. Up again all night I sit, waiting for my love. The raindrops fall, they beckon me, to come into the night. My fear is great, and I am weak, and so I stay inside. He calls to me, my lover does, from somewhere in the dark, begging me to come to him, to take him in my arms. I cry to him, somewhere outside, to come in from the rain, but thunder crashings all I hear, my pleas have been in vain.

In agony, the door I touch, then pull it open wide. My lover's there, outside somewhere, he needs to come inside. From within the shadows of the night, my lover, he appears, his auburn hair still glistening, my waiting arms he nears. His dark green eyes smile lovingly, his lips pucker up to kiss,"It's been so long my love" he says, "And you've been sorely missed".

He enters as I stand aside, still dripping from the rain. His sculpted face smiles down at me, his long dark curls, his face they frame. He pulls me into his embrace, still shaking from the cold, he holds me close so tenderly, his love has made me whole.

Our clothes we shed impatiently, then once more we do embrace. He strokes my hair so tenderly, bestowing kisses on my face. Our coupling happens gradually, as we take time out to explore, our fingers touching everywhere, as we cuddle on the floor.

On my smooth and naked throat, his kisses fall like rain, I sadly whisper "sorry love" my teeth searching for the vein. My bite is deep and greedy, my hunger takes control, I drain each drop of nectar, his blood my only goal. I feast as though I'm starving, the truth be known, I am. I thought that I could love him, but after all, he's but a man.