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The Legendary Elvin Race

Many many years ago, so many years in fact that man has forgotten exactly how many elves walked the planet. The races mixed and mingled and problems were no more than are ordinarily encountered in daily living. But at some point, a certain faction of elves broke off from the main community and discovered their beliefs were different from those of the 'elders'. These elves were known as the Doweirarre. Finding a different path to take than that of their brothers the Liosfar elves the Doweirarre left for parts unknown to begin their own community and further their own causes. This was the beginning of the war of the elves. Centuries passed with no apparent differences, problems or misunderstandings between the 2, until it became evident that the Doweirarre were becoming renowned for their beautiful craftsmanship. Now you would think this wouldn't be a problem, however they were also renowned for their theiving and cheating ways. Many human communities bartered with the Doweirarre for jewelery, armor, and archery equipment, but the prices were exorbitant and oftentimes merchandise paid for not delivered. This caused a huge rift among the elvin communities as the Liosfar were by nature an open and honest people. This is where the 2 tribes began to distance themselves from each other.
  The war became more open hostility when groups of Doweirarre began raizing the forests for supplies without thought of natures natural balance and furture consequences of their actions. They would destroy the land and then relocate elsewhere to start over again. This was against everything the elves had always held dear. Nature was meant to be kept in balance and the good hearted Liosfar couldn't take it anymore. They set up military bases and began a plan of attack. The war lasted centuries with huge losses on both sides. The Gods sat back and watched their beloved children kill each other and their sorrow was boundless in the tears from the heavens in the form of heavy rains and floods that wiped out whole villages elvin, and other races alike. Whole regions became wastelands, whilst other areas became oceans and lakes. Until finally after almost a millenia the fighting came to a head. The Lady Ormanari, Main Goddess over the Liosfar, gave unto her children a blessing...or a curse depending on who you were. All arrows fired by the bow of a elf with a pure heart, would strike true every time, being fatal to their enemies, while all arrows fired by one of evil intent would splinter and cause injury to the weilder.
  This act from their beloved Goddess shifted the balance of the war, but at the same time shifted the balance of creation causing undue hardship on the needed balance between good and evil and causing major chaos in the blance of the ethos. Azimuth stepped in and gave the elves a choice. Give up their magical heritage and become mortal, or be banned from this plane for eternity.
  With most of the Doweirarre dead, the Liosfar had to make a choice and so they did. While a few did remain behind, all the Doweirarre and most of the Liosfar accepted their banishment never again to walk upon the green lands of the planet known as Dragonmeyr.
  The few that remained went into seclusion where they remained for many more centuries. Unable or unwilling to face the damage their war had caused to all humanoid races, the elves vowed to never mingle among non elvinkind again. And so began the time of darkness. The time when the whole world forgot elves even existed. The time when balance was restored from chaos, but at the cost of the chosen beloved of the Gods...the elves.
  There are those that say that elvinkind do indeed still exist and that they in fact mingle among men, interbreeding and intermixing with none being the wiser. Most of us know however, that the elves were banished centuries ago never to return.

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