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Darkness descending and fog fills the air

I look all around me, there’s nobody there

I feel so alone now, too much so to bear

My days filled with pain now, but I no longer care.


Dismal grey days and dark lonely nights

It hurts upon waking, sleep fills me with fright

The nightmares still linger, with no end in sight

No safety, no security, just doesn’t feel right.


It often feels hopeless, this state that I’m in

Sad and depressing, no sign it will end

I drift through the days, hoping for peace

Don’t know where I’m going, less so where I’ve been.


The tears almost comfort me

The fear helps me see

The loneliness part of me

Dark won’t let me be.


It all will end someday

I pray that it’s true

Somehow, in some way

But for now I’ve no clue.