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The Armory

Sir Gareth escorts you all to the armory. Jason declines wanting anything, but after being looked at expectantly he continues along with the rest. You are lead down many hallways, past many doors. The entire keep is comfortable without being overdone. You see a basic lack of decoration, though not a lack of guards. Gareth escorts you down a set of stairs where he opens up a room guarded by two well armed men. Taking a key from around his neck he opens unlocks the door a steps aside ushering you in. Gareth asks you if anything here is needed by you.

You see..

4 Long Swords
3 Bastard Swords
7 Long & 3 short Bows
6 quivers with 12 arrows each
2 studded leather suits of armor
2 suits of Leather armor
1 chain mail
1 splint mail
4 small shields

the weapons and armor are all in good shape, all look new. You don't see anything special about anything. The chain & splint are human size. The leather & studded leather are 1 each man size & elf size.

Jayar takes a look around and then returns to the entrance to the room. "I don't believe that I will need anything. My sword has served me long and well and I don't see a reason for retiring it now."

"Thank you my lord. You are most generous." Kendra will then follow Gareth to the armory to check out the weapons.

Malissin starts looking through the swords, then finding nothing of interest, he moves on to the bows.

Caoimhin walks around the room, touching a few of the items, even picking up one of the long swords. He moves the sword around a little, bouncing it back and forth in a loose grip. After a few seconds the corner of his mouth turns up into a wry smile, and he returns the sword.
"I appreciate His Majesty's offer, but such armaments as I own have served me well. I also will need nothing here."

Jarryd looks over the weapons but in the end decides to stay with the ones he has. "Always worked before, why change now." he comments.

Athos examines one of the small shields and suits of studded leather armor.

Cole looks about the room in almost childlike awe. Going over to the shields, he looks for a moment, then realizing they are all metal he declines. "thankyouanywayI'llkeepwhatIhave"

Lunch at the Keep